Monday, March 2, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #6 – Feb 27 (Tully’s Capital Hill)

- Introduced 2 new members:
Jill Kraft - creative/agency project mgt
Michael Gurliaccio - copywriter with a focus on interactive.
- Discussion with Lance Leasure about ROI and what his company, Catalysis, is doing to make sure it's delivering results for its clients.
- Feedback on the Networking social: very crowded but a good way to practice the 30-second introduction.
- Agreed to put together a roster list with bio's from the group. (see below)
- Discussed the fact that we have, in essence, the makings of our own marketing organization, and how we could maybe apply our collective knowledge and talent to work on projects.
The Taproot Foundation was mentioned. Below are details.
It is pro bono work for non-profit organizations. Seattle is one of their hubs, and there are 3 projects currently staffing in the area.
- Sue discussed the benefits of starting a blog or some sort of journal to capture your thoughts on various topics. One that I read occasionally and very much enjoy is:
- Proposed moving our meeting time up to 10am to account for kids' naptimes, school pick-ups, etc. (And I realize it's not just the kids that want to take naps.) PLEASE let me know if 10am doesn't work for you.

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