Thursday, February 25, 2010

Upcoming Event Reminder

Monday, 3/1, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Prolango Networking Event
Where: Maggiano's Little Italy, Bellevue
Cost: Free

Their most recent event, held in early February, was attended by over 400 people, job seekers and employers.


Tuesday, 3/2, 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Pay it Forward networking social
Where: Seattle - Twist in Belltown
Cost: $10

Are you perplexed at what you should get out of networking, but know people say these are "must do" events? Then come to a "Pay it Forward" Networking Workshop Facilitated by Sandy Jones-Kaminski, the author of "I'm at a Networking Event. Now What???"

Also, check out some of the events on, including several free workshops and discussions regarding WordPress and blogging.

So, why should I meet with you?

Yea you may make a good impression. It's even possible your credentials are good and your resume stands out. But they don't have a job available right now.

So, how do you "keep in touch" without being annoying? When I was first starting out as a freelancer I just asked people, "How frequently would you like me to keep in touch?" and tried to keep to that schedule of phone calls and little notes with work samples. That worked pretty well for freelance work. But I haven't done that *cough* in a few years. And I haven't done that on this job hunt.

Thanks to the internet, I found this handy guide from a Toledo printer. It's essentially how to be of value to the people whose time you are taking up. See if you can't apply some of these ideas to what you're doing.

"76 Ways to Recontact Customers and Prospects"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Continuing our Digital Discussion - "Digital Nation"

A couple months ago, John Gaines from Microsoft visited OCA for a discussion on "Going Digital." During our meeting, he brought up author Marc Prensky's "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" dissertations to highlight the fact that we need to be well-aware of the differences between the two in today's high-tech society. (For a summary, read my notes from the 12/18 meeting.

Below is the trailer for PBS Frontline's recent documentary, "Digital Nation," which takes the discussion to newer depths - not just examining how digital media is affecting work (from our context in December), but how digital media is influencing so much more.
"Within a single generation, digital media and the World Wide Web have transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture, from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we socialize and even conduct war. But is the technology moving faster than we can adapt to it? And is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we've gained?"

For much more information, and to watch the full 90-minute program, visit
Frontline's Digital Nation "life on the virtual frontier" page.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Notes from 2/19/2010 OCA Meeting

Unfortunately, we had our first glitch in scheduling, so our guest speaker wasn't able to make it to the 2/19 meeting. (We're looking to reschedule Paul Anderson from ProLango on March 12th.)

Nevertheless, we had a great meeting and a 2-hour discussion on networking, resumes, and today's job search techniques. To sum up: Regardless of how powerful the resume is or how cleverly written the cover letter, 4 out of 5 times it comes down to networking. Or as one member put it: Networking, Networking, Networking, [Networking].

From a call I sat in on a few weeks ago about the "Hidden Job Market," where Kelly Harrington of the Career Max Group provided her insight, 75-80% of open job positions are NOT advertised. According to the US Dept of Labor, 48% of jobs are found through friends, business contacts and relatives; 24% by direct company contact; and 13% by a combination of both. If you do the math, it shows hours spent scouring the job boards could be more wisely spent working on making the right connections.

What is "the hidden job market" exactly? They are jobs that are not posted publicly. How are they filled then? Quite often through referrals, where a position is filled before ever needing to be posted. To listen to Ms. Harrington's teleseminar, click here:
Hidden Secrets of the Hidden Job Market.

Why post a position on Craigslist? and have to wade through hundreds of resumes, when it's much more efficient to ask a few well-regarded colleagues if they know of qualified candidates they'd recommend. Case in point, a friend of mine just sent me a job description for a Communications Coordinator - to see if someone within OCA was interested. The hiring company, a client of his, "is opting for the lower-profile approach of personal referrals before moving to a larger audience with their search."
By the way, if you're interested in the Coordinator position, check out
the OCA group on LinkedIn.

Upcoming guest speakers.
3/5 - Rick Peterson, president of Hydrogen Advertising
3/12 - Paul Anderson, president of ProLango (career consulting)
3/19 - Kelsey Foster, recruiter at Aquent (staffing agency)
3/26 - Kristina Muller-Eberhard, founder of Plume21 (advertising)
4/2 - Kirsten Thompson and Sara Westerlund, reps from Creative Circle

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Notes from 2/12/2010 OCA Meeting, Job News

Job News!
Congrats to Laurie Krisman, who recently accepted an offer to work with
MD² International.

Last week's meeting focused on personal introductions. Constructive feedback was offered after several people went through revamped elevator pitches. And Kelly Evans was the 1st to walk the group through a longer presentation on himself.

Social Media Volunteers
Paul Verner and Dana Pruiett have kindly volunteered to help manage the posting of event and seminar information. Paul will update our LinkedIn group page, and Dana will update the Blog. If you have information regarding a specific upcoming item, please send both of them an e-mail and cc: me. Thanks!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sally Hogshead's Radical Careering (Free!)

Yep, a limited-time FREE digital version of Sally Hogshead's book "RADICAL CAREERING: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life." (I highly recommend this especially for those needing a rethink.)

Who's Sally? (I'm no bio writer so here's a link)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upcoming Events and Seminars

Monday, 2/15, 1:00-2:30pm
ProLango's Career Search Optimization: Today’s Job Market Demystified
Where: Seattle
Cost: FREE
For more information and to register, visit their link on EventBrite.

Other free ProLango seminars.

Tuesday, 2/16, 6pm
Seattle Job Social
Where: Seattle (Twist in Belltown)
Cost: $5
For info, visit the SJS site.

Thursday, 2/18, 10am-11am
AMA Webinar: Marketing Mix Models: Maximizing marketing effectiveness in a changing environment.
Where: Online
Cost: FREE
To register, visit the AMA's Marketing Power Media Gallery

Friday, 2/19, 1pm-2:30pm
ProLango's Advanced Interviewing: Secrets Behind Decision Making
Where: Seattle
Cost: FREE
For more information and to register, visit their link on EventBrite.

Monday, 3/1, 6pm-9pm
ProLango's next networking event
Where: Maggiano’s Little Italy, Lincoln Center, 10455 NE 8th St, Bellevue
Cost: FREE
Their most recent event, held in early February, was attended by over 400 people, job seekers and employers.
For more info and to register, visit the ProLango site.

Tuesday, 3/2, 5:30
Pay It Forward social
Where: Seattle (Twist in Belltown)
Cost: $10
Are you perplexed at what you should get out of networking, but know people say these are "must do" events? Then come to a "Pay it Forward" Networking Workshop Facilitated by Sandy Jones-Kaminski, the author of "I'm at a Networking Event. Now What???"

Wed, 3/10, 7:30am-5:30pm
Market Mix - sponsored by the PSAMA and the SDMA.
Where: Seattle (Bell Harbor Conference Center)
Cost: Visit the web site (below)
Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon cocktails - all the while drinking in marketing advice from four Seattle-area guest speakers.
For more info and to register, visit Market Mix 2010.

Notes from 2/5/2010 OCA Meeting

Welcome to new member:
Robert Lowry is a freelance copywriter looking to make additional connections in the Seattle market. He has over 10 years of communications experience and a fairly nice web site to show his wares. Welcome Robert!

At last week's meeting, as usual, we talked about several nuances of the job search:
- During introductions, Bill noticed that several people mentioned that they were a "jack of all trades." His question to us: In today's market, where companies can be very specific in the skill sets they're looking for, is this something that can hinder your job search? Is it better to be a specialist? Our initial thoughts seemed to revolve around the size of the company with which you're interviewing. Obviously, at a smaller company, you're going to be called on to be more of a generalist - to add value in a wider variety of job functions. I also feel that you can leverage a wide background at a larger company. Having the knowledge and/or specific experience of several areas provides a better perspective of how to work with others in those areas.

- Donna made the suggestion that we dedicate part of each meeting to getting to know members in more depth. Since many of us are now recommending others for jobs, we should (obviously) be well aware of their experience and what they've accomplished, beyond the LinkedIn profile, resume, and 30-second elevator pitch.
Everyone agreed, so moving forward, we'll look to have short (15-min) presentations by 3 volunteers at each meeting.

- Beth attended a career seminar, where they discussed the age-old interview line: "So, tell me about yourself." The advice Beth received was to definitively tailor your answer to the company and the position:

1) provide a brief background: I'm a ___. I was most recently at ___, where I ___.
2) tell them why you're there: I'm excited about this position, because of a), b), and c).
3) ask them to explore further: What else would you like to know?

- The subject of the "Black List" came up, as ProLango's Paul Anderson was cited in a recent Wall Street Journal article. The article, titled
"How a Black Mark Can Derail a Job Search, discusses how company recruiters keep "do not hire" lists, and not only that, but they share between companies. Land on a list, and you may unknowingly have an uphill battle. The article gives a few suggestions on how to find out if you're on a list and how to make good by your name. However, any additional advice would be welcome as several folks in our meeting felt like they must be on some one's list.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're Ba-ack! More Super Bowl Fun

Combining my two favorite loves: Football and Advertising
A friend of mine, and former colleague at Publicis, ACD/art director Scott Rasmussen will have one of the highly anticipated $2.5 million :30 spots premiering during the big game this weekend. The ad will be for, a vacation rental company based out of Austin, Texas, and will feature one of America's favorite families, the Griswold's, which first appeared in 1983's Vacation.

Given the economy and slightly lower costs to advertise this year, it could be a great time for smaller companies to use the medium as a launching point for mass awareness. And with some traditional advertisers pulling out of the game, such as Pepsi (which opted, instead, to put the money toward their Refresh Project social media campaign, there's even more room to be had for companies such as Teleflora and kgb.

an NBC news story in HomeAway's hometown, the company is spending 20% of its marketing budget on its Super Bowl endeavor, expecting more than 5 million hits in 5 minutes on their web site - which on Sunday will feature a 15-minute Griswold movie. If one thing has been prevalent with this year's game, it's that advertisers have been making the most of what used to be a 1-time showing. From user-generated content contests to teaser ads, companies are using the hype to generate additional awareness. Taco Bell and Charles Barkley have been touting the NBA Five Buck Box - with details to come, and Boost Mobile is also looking to give a nod to the early 80's, teasing(?) us with a reprise of the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle.

So, regardless if you're a football fan or not, sit back and look to be entertained this Sunday.
Here's a
list of all the advertisers who have bought time during the 2010 Super Bowl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Notes from 1/29/2010 OCA Meeting, Job News

Welcome to two new OCA members:
- Al Stankowiak, former Director of Marketing for Talisma, a CRM solutions provider for higher education.
- Denise Paley, graphic consultant and marketing sales rep, most recently with Revolution.

For several weeks now, the topic of blogging has come up - specifically regarding the utilization of a blog and tools such as Twitter as a means to digitally establish yourself (and your 'brand') online. The idea: start being viewed as an expert on 'something' - anything, by providing your opinion on certain topics.

The common lament? "What am I going to blog about?" Ideally, start writing about the area in which you're looking to be hired. If your career planning is hitting on all cylinders, this should be an area for which you have a passion - and an opinion. With online tools such as WordPress and Blogger, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Worst case, it will give you something to do and help you focus your thoughts on the business landscape.

Back in December, I referenced Michelle Goodman's article "TwitterPatter" that she wrote for In it, she tells the story of Karianne Stinson, who went from teaching elementary school to a job in public relations - using Twitter to build her online profile. (Michelle has her own blog, Nine To Thrive, which is another great resource for work advice.)

Job News!
- Carolyn Hazard has over a week under her belt in her new role as Senior Graphic Design Presentation Specialist at Silver Fox Productions on Capitol Hill. Carolyn is enjoying the new job and has kindly offered to stay connected with OCA. She says Silver Fox is growing and could be looking to hire soon. Stay Tuned!
Congrats, Carolyn!