Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're Ba-ack! More Super Bowl Fun

Combining my two favorite loves: Football and Advertising
A friend of mine, and former colleague at Publicis, ACD/art director Scott Rasmussen will have one of the highly anticipated $2.5 million :30 spots premiering during the big game this weekend. The ad will be for, a vacation rental company based out of Austin, Texas, and will feature one of America's favorite families, the Griswold's, which first appeared in 1983's Vacation.

Given the economy and slightly lower costs to advertise this year, it could be a great time for smaller companies to use the medium as a launching point for mass awareness. And with some traditional advertisers pulling out of the game, such as Pepsi (which opted, instead, to put the money toward their Refresh Project social media campaign, there's even more room to be had for companies such as Teleflora and kgb.

an NBC news story in HomeAway's hometown, the company is spending 20% of its marketing budget on its Super Bowl endeavor, expecting more than 5 million hits in 5 minutes on their web site - which on Sunday will feature a 15-minute Griswold movie. If one thing has been prevalent with this year's game, it's that advertisers have been making the most of what used to be a 1-time showing. From user-generated content contests to teaser ads, companies are using the hype to generate additional awareness. Taco Bell and Charles Barkley have been touting the NBA Five Buck Box - with details to come, and Boost Mobile is also looking to give a nod to the early 80's, teasing(?) us with a reprise of the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle.

So, regardless if you're a football fan or not, sit back and look to be entertained this Sunday.
Here's a
list of all the advertisers who have bought time during the 2010 Super Bowl.

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