Saturday, March 12, 2011

Notes from 2/11/2011 - A Branding Presentation

We didn't have a large group this week. I'm not sure how we got on the topic of presentations, but we did.

I ended up pulling out and presenting a deck I haven't worked on in a while. It explains a model of branding especially useful for "Personal Branding". Since I haven't actually seen this deck since November, I rambled. But Mark felt it was valuable and suggested I post a slide here on the OCA website and give people a taste of what they missed.

Above is the slide I use to illustrate the point that people are only curious about what they are curious about. They aren't interested in you because you want them to be. Pushing yourself on them, and yelling your merits may get attention but it won’t get a following. Draw people in, involve them, appeal to their natural curiosity. Then they'll come to you. In marketing speak we'd call this developing and presenting a compelling value proposition. When herding cats or fishing we call it using the right bait.

As I have time I'll continue to work on this, and will re-present it if there's interest.