Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Notes from 12/3/2010 - volunteering and alumni connections

At our 12/3 OCA meeting, we talked about volunteer opportunities that job seekers can take advantage of - to give back, to widen and sometimes deepen your experience, to network, and to pursue a particular passion - all while you have the time. Every city has a multitude of opportunities where you can provide time or expertise to help others. The city of Seattle's web site provides ideas for ways to contribute around town or in your community, and it also has a calendar of events which can be viewed to show only volunteer opportunities.(Under event types, click 'None', then click 'Volunteer'.)

At our meeting, we also talked about the importance of tapping into your alumni network(s). It's an easy connection to make with someone while networking if they went to the same college and rooted for the same team. As different as they may actually be from you, there's almost an instant connection where they can relate to you from the simple fact that you both chose to attend the same university.

In addition, schools brand themselves by the quality of the alumni they produce. Many companies tout the education of their management team, so why wouldn't a university want to help promote its "leaders of industry" who once walked their halls and campuses? Reach out to the career center of your school to see if they can offer any job search assistance or advice.

Monday, December 13, 2010

One Connection Away is taking a break

The School of Visual Concepts will be closed each Friday until mid-January, giving everyone the opportunity to spend time with their friends and family and maybe have a one-on-one coffee or two.

We'll be back on our regular schedule January 14th. See you then!