Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Notes from 1/29/2010 OCA Meeting, Job News

Welcome to two new OCA members:
- Al Stankowiak, former Director of Marketing for Talisma, a CRM solutions provider for higher education.
- Denise Paley, graphic consultant and marketing sales rep, most recently with Revolution.

For several weeks now, the topic of blogging has come up - specifically regarding the utilization of a blog and tools such as Twitter as a means to digitally establish yourself (and your 'brand') online. The idea: start being viewed as an expert on 'something' - anything, by providing your opinion on certain topics.

The common lament? "What am I going to blog about?" Ideally, start writing about the area in which you're looking to be hired. If your career planning is hitting on all cylinders, this should be an area for which you have a passion - and an opinion. With online tools such as WordPress and Blogger, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Worst case, it will give you something to do and help you focus your thoughts on the business landscape.

Back in December, I referenced Michelle Goodman's article "TwitterPatter" that she wrote for NWjobs.com. In it, she tells the story of Karianne Stinson, who went from teaching elementary school to a job in public relations - using Twitter to build her online profile. (Michelle has her own blog, Nine To Thrive, which is another great resource for work advice.)

Job News!
- Carolyn Hazard has over a week under her belt in her new role as Senior Graphic Design Presentation Specialist at Silver Fox Productions on Capitol Hill. Carolyn is enjoying the new job and has kindly offered to stay connected with OCA. She says Silver Fox is growing and could be looking to hire soon. Stay Tuned!
Congrats, Carolyn!

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