Monday, March 9, 2009

NOTES From Meeting #7 - March 6 (SVC)

- Larry Asher has graciously agreed to host the Smalley meetings going forward at the SVC. (free coffee, snacks, and wi-fi)
- This week and the following, he said we'll likely be in a different room, and we may need to park on the street (due to a class). After that he said we should be fine.
- Ariella has agreed to provide an SEM/SEO tutorial at this week's meeting, 3/13. Thanks, Ariella!

- Larry Asher introduced the SVC and classes that
- Introduced 2 new members
Jacque Coe - communications director w/ the Lottery
Ed Ferguson - product marketing manager.
- Had 3 guests from the video production world join us, which led to some great discussion about how they could approach local ad agencies:
Matt Billings --
Chris Bell --
Fred Northup --
- Discussed the shear number of applications companies are receiving for each job posting, highlighting the crucial need to network.

- Kelly to contact Larry about securing time/space going forward. DONE.
- Kelly to continue working with local staffing agencies for upcoming panel discussion.
- Annemarie to get Starbucks contact info to Jacque.
- Kelly to introduce Matt to Chris Witherspoon (DNA) and Adam Oliver (Publicis) as local production option.

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