Monday, March 30, 2009

One Connection Away - take 1

This started as a group of job seekers getting together over coffee to share search strategies, leads, and general support for one another... and it has grown into much more. The group has quintupled in size in just 3 months (since January, '09) - saying something about the current state of the economy, but also about the power of networking.

With an active roster of over 20 marketing and advertising professionals in the Seattle area, we represent just about all disciplines of the creative realm. Branding, PR, product marketing, and interactive on the corporate side to account management, copywriting, art direction, graphic design, project management, and production on the agency side.

The group consists of strategic leaders with a wealth of experience within a wide variety of industries. We've worked for and with start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations, dot-coms, and marketing organizations on a local, national and global scale.

The idea behind this blog is to publish information we can use as job seekers and notes from our weekly meetings. But I also envision it as a way to publicize our credentials to anyone looking to hire talented professionals.

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