Monday, April 6, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #11 - April 3rd (SVC)

* We welcomed two new members into the group:
- Megan Burke (Biz Dev - Hornall Anderson, Acct Mgt - Publicis)
- Chris Lowe (Biz Dev - Hornall Anderson, professional recruiter)
* Good discussion on contracting at Microsoft and how to navigate the placement agencies (Filter, Volt, and Aquent).
* Held a 1-hour kick-off meeting with Laura and Alan from Centerstage theater. Discussed their current marketing strategies/tactics and needs going forward. Brainstormed several ideas and talked about timelines. Detailed notes to be distributed shortly.
Thanks to those from the group who met with them.

same bat time, same bat channel. 10am @ SVC.

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