Monday, April 13, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #12 - April 10th (SVC)

* WELCOME to three new members to OCA:
- Arik Abel (former recruiter - The Creative Group, production experience)
- Marci Kearney (former Dir of Marketing - Northwest Framing, senior agency experience)
- Kim Prohaska (PR, Communications marketing experience)

* FILTER TALENT was on hand for a 1-hour plus discussion on how to best work with their staffing agency, and they provided their take on the current creative market.
- They recommend keeping in touch with their reps, especially when you have news.
- Feel free to work with multiple reps (they often work with different clients); they share information, so just be cognizant of how you're communicating with them.
- The hottest jobs they are currently staffing are hands-on, technical roles (UX, UI design).
- Best way to work with them:
o flexibility, patience, and a working partnership
o be willing to commute
o be willing to look at salary / pay rates that are lower than your ideal.
- A large portion of Filter's work is with Microsoft.
- Filter also has an in-house Studio that manages creative projects, and they have capabilities in developing icons and photo editing.
- Filter, because it's a Women Owned Business, sees and can present contract positions from MSFT before most other local staffing agencies.

Rep contact info:
Amanda Burleson -
Bobby Morgan -

* WUNDERMAN is hiring. New work that has been recently acquired is causing a hiring blitz.
HR Rep, Rachel Lissman, is taking resumes.

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