Monday, April 27, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #14, April 24th @SVC

At last week's OCA meeting, Maria Scheleen and Terah Brossart met with the group to provide information on their staffing agency, The Creative Group (TCG), and to give their thoughts on the current and foreseeable hiring market. Below are notes from the meeting:

Background on TCG:
Part of Robert Half, the largest global staffing firm
30 locations in North America
Make a major effort to stay on top of trends through proprietary research
Place candidates for freelance, project based (work from home), contract and contract to hire
Not specialized in permanent placement
Focus of TCG business is on relationships
Diversified client base

2009 forward:
Clients are very budget conscious
Clients looking for more hybrid talent - seeking core skills plus
Processes are taking longer - less hiring urgency
Candidates really need to leverage network and get internal referrals - VERY important
Average full time position is taking 9 - 10 weeks to fill

Growth industries:
Technology - especially new technologies

Slow industries:
Financial services (except for refinance/collections)
Real Estate

Looking Ahead:
While Q1 & Q2 have been slow, there is optimism about Q3 & Q4
Microsoft year end - June
Work still needs to get done

What to do now:
While candidates are always more attractive when working vs. unemployed, it can be volunteer work or work for no pay
Volunteer to work someplace that you want to work

Benefits of TCG:
W2 Employee of TCG from first assignment
Free online training available once you register
Eligible for health insurance from 1st placement
Published salary guide information (Sue has copies for everyone)
Use of website as resource - lots of articles and information

Contact Information:
Terah Brossart:
Maria Scheleen:
601 Union Street
Suite 4300
Seattle, WA 98101

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