Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Traditional Interactive and vice versa

For those who think your 'traditional' advertising roots could bar you from being looked at by the Interactive agencies in town... the lines between those two are continuing to blur.
An article in Monday's ADWEEK, titled
RAZORFISH TRIES OUT TV, confirms that a wide variety of media experience is the best thing you can bring to the table. And for those wondering about the role of Social Media, check out the article's mention of how companies are using the social web to push product.

For more on the subject from AgencySpy, and a link to one of the 5-min 'viral' videos Razorfish produced,
click here.


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  2. It would be great to have someone come in and talk to the group about the issue of traditional marketing versus interactive and how to better promote that aspect of our experience. Although I have experience in both, I'm definitely stronger on the traditional advertising side of things.