Monday, March 23, 2009

NOTES From Meeting #9 - March 20 (SVC)

* Kirsten Thompson and Sara Westerlund, from Creative Circle, fielded questions from the group regarding the best way to work with their agency, the market as they see it, and contract work.
- They recommend communicating with your rep on a weekly basis. You want to be top-of-mind when recruiters are gathering resources to recommend to a client.
- Creative Circle has 4 types of placement:
o day-to-day freelance (usually production)
o contract (usually weekly)
o project (usually monthly)
o full-time
- They recommend working with multiple staffing agencies, and encourage working with multiple reps within an agency.
- Areas where there is a lot of hiring currently: gaming, mobile
- Hot skills: flash / interactive
- Creative Circle does not currently offer benefits for contract employees, but they are looking into changing that in '09.

* The group welcomed 3 new people:
- Michael Cousins, client-side marketing (Nordstrom, Dir of Marketing for the Lottery)
- Carolyn Hazard, graphic designer (freelance, T-Mobile)
- Joseph Hunziker, project manager / support services (Publicis)
* Word from Andrea was that the SVC's course "SEO in a Day" offered last week was really good and worthwhile. Continue to check with the SVC's calendar for future workshops.
4/2 - "Google AdWords and AdSense in a Day"
4/7 - "Getting a Job in Tough Times" w/ Cris Janzen. (FREE)

* ALL - If you haven't already, please send your bio line to Sue, so we can update the roster. Please include 'what you did / used to do, and what you want to do' and contact info, LinkedIn/URL links, etc.
* Kelly E. to work on location for Thursday evening's meeting.
* Kelly E. to start a blog for the group with notes, links, etc. Will let the group know when it's up and running.

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