Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NOTES From Meeting #4 - Feb 13 (Montlake Library)

- 7 people attended, and we welcomed 2 new people:
Kelly Randall (advertising - production/project mgt/acct mgt)
Casey Lynn (advertising - interactive art director)
- Good discussion on the role of account management within an agency.
- Job leads: Wunderman (account supervisor role), Marchex (marketing manager).
- Sue shared tips on the "30-second intro" from her most recent outplacement sessions. This needs to be practiced (daily) until it feels natural.
1) Intro - name, where from, education
2) Most recent position with at least 2 key accomplishments. (have 6 to pull from and interchange based on situation, job applying for, etc.)
3) Reason for current search (laid off, new challenge, etc.)
4) Objective - what it is I'm looking for now.
- We talked about having guest speakers, and everyone seemed up for it.

- Casey is going to share info on limiting public access to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
- Sue will have information from her "Interviews" outplacement session this> week.
- Kelly will follow up with securing guest speakers for future meetings.

I need a volunteer for someone to own this week's meeting finding a venue and moderating the discussion. I may be out for most of Friday with a volunteer opportunity (Addy awards show judging stuff.)
If you're interested, please let me know. Thanks!

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