Monday, February 2, 2009

NOTES From Meeting #2 - Jan 30 (Aster Coffee Lounge)

- 7 of us got together at Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard.
- Great discussion on several topics, including: job boards we're searching, thoughts on headhunters/placement agencies, interview preparation, and leveraging LinkedIn. And of course, we traded info on job leads and recent postings.
- It was decided to host the next meeting (Friday, 2/6, 1pm) near U-Village.

- Sue to check out coffee shop in the U-Village area for this Friday's meeting.
- Keri to send Kenna a list of non-profit links.
- Kelly to connect Ariella with Garrigan Lyman's HR rep for Web Producer role.
- Sue to follow up with her connection at Calidora.
- Sue to bring list of interview questions to next meeting.
- Kelly to provide list of placement agencies, job boards.

In addition to Miller's 1-second "HIGH LIFE!" ad, Alec Baldwin for Hulu, and the E*Trade baby's golf ad, my favorite Super Bowl spot (ironically) was for CareerBuilder:

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