Monday, October 26, 2009

Notes from 10/23 OCA Meeting

Targeting Companies
Last week, we did something we never usually do on an official basis. Each week we talk about the companies we're researching and submitting applications with, which always leads to great discussions, but we hadn't ever taken the time to really examine who we're targeting.

Six of us listed out our top 10 companies, and it was surprising to see how some considerably floated to the top. Despite the fact that all of us were coming from different backgrounds and from different career levels, 5 out of 6 of us listed Starbucks. REI was next with 4 out of 6. The common theme for both of these was strength of the brand, and not surprisingly, the culture and how they consistently rank among the top companies with which to work.

Among agencies, Wunderman, DNA, and Wong Doody topped our list. Company growth and good, consistent creative propelled these to the front of the line.

Despite some crossover, there were more than 45 companies on the final list, which spanned a wide range of industries and company sizes. And as suspected, many of us were able to connect the dots and determine that we had contacts we could use to introduce our fellow OCA members.

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