Monday, October 19, 2009

Notes from 10/16 OCA Meeting

No new members to report. That's probably a good thing.
Small, but lively group, this past Friday. We covered several topics, including:
- Online portfolios (OCA is setting up a 2-hr WordPress WorkShop); Steve Andrews, art director, suggested the web site / service,, which is where he developed his site.

- Our top targets. We had the suggestion that next week, our 'homework' is to bring a list of the companies we're looking at - to compare and contrast - and, more importantly, to see who has connections within these firms and agencies.

- Marchex, who is hiring product and product marketing jobs, as well as looking for a Media Buyer, here in Seattle.

- LinkedIn, and how companies are using the tool to quickly vet possible employee candidates. HR reps at companies, such as T-Mobile (which is where the inside info came from at a recent information session), can look to:
* double-check that the resume you've submitted matches that of your profile
* how well-connected you are (would a Sales Rep candidate only have 23 connections?)
* see how well-liked you are (how many recommendations does this person have?)
* use it to check references.

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