Monday, October 19, 2009

International Inspiration

The web can sometimes be a wicked, wicked thing... particularly for those of us with a touch of the A.D.D.

"hmm... just need to grab the exact title of my last manager, and I can finish this job application. I'll just pull it off LinkedIn. Oh, what's that?? 14 of my connections have made new connections themselves today? Oh - someone from XYZ company. Haven't heard of them - better check that out... Interesting web site - and, ooh - an article on their site's blog about social media. Hmm... one of the comments, rather insightful, came from Jane Doe. She's retweeting the link to the article. Wonder who she's following..."

blinking light, blinking light...

[ If you need more time to complete the application, please CLICK HERE. ]

"What the hell was I looking for?? Oh, right... manager's title."
And so it goes.

And this is about the same path in which I found the following YouTube video for a band out of Japan.


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