Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Topic: November 29th

No meeting this Friday. (November 29th.)

Next meeting is an evening one on December 6th 6:30-8 at some location yet to be determined (I’m looking into places where people could grab a bite, and that won’t charge us to meet at their place. Currently Belltown's Uptown Espresso is my leading candidate with the Terry & Republican Starbucks a close second. Please send me your ideas. Especially those who wanted the evening meeting time. Really, I need your help.)

So in simple terms, the meeting schedule through the end of the year:
November 29th - NO meeting
December 6th - Meeting 6:30 - 8 (Location to be determined)
December 13th - NO meeting
December 20th - Meeting 6:30 - 8 (Location to be determined)
December 27th - NO meeting

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