Thursday, November 14, 2013

More of the same... (AKA: Tell me what you think)

I’ve really enjoyed getting your emails. It’s exciting to hear so many of you are doing well (or at least keeping your heads above water.) Those still looking to maintain your professional development through OCA can help me sort out the best meeting time by adding your input to this survey:

Link to Poll: When Do You Want To Meet? (Results collected until Nov 16th)

Like I mentioned last week, quite a few of One Connection Away’s regulars have found work and moved on. Often I hear that that consists of a contact job (and a tremendous under utilization of their skills, training, and experience) Too many of you are still underemployed in the truest sense of the word. Isolated and over-extended it’s hard to get support and find time to grow professionally or personally.

I’ve been told many times that people need help with career development but can’t get away for our Friday morning meeting to work on it. I’ve been told that OCA provides a valuable service by giving you a chance to be around people that understand what you’re going through, that can encourage you to improve your skills, and that can coach you to make strategic investments in time or relationships. (But I’m curious what YOU got out of it. Drop me a note.)

Even if you haven’t been to a meeting in a long time - add your voice to the poll. (Results collected until Nov 16th)

Be awake. (But since we meet at a coffee shop you'll be fine.) A computer would be handy but anything to take notes with works.

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