Thursday, November 7, 2013

Topic of the moment (and survey)

Quite a few of One Connection Away’s regulars have found work and moved on. Often I hear that what they are doing now consists of a contract job, temporary gig, or some other tremendous under utilization of their skills, training, and experience. It seems too many are still underemployed in the truest sense of the word. Isolated and over-extended it’s hard to get support and find time to grow professionally or personally.

I get emailed all the time from people who need help with career development but can’t get away on a Friday morning to work on it. And those that have been in and out of our group tell me that it was vital to have someone that understands what you’re going through, that can encourage you to improve your skills, and coach you to make strategic investments in time or relationships. This is hard work on your own. But schedule conflicts and the need to eat come first.

Even if you haven’t been to a OCA meeting before, if you’ve thought about it - add your voice to the poll. I’d anticipated that I would need to adjust the meeting time soon anyway since I’ve decided I should probably return to work myself. But even working I want to continue providing this resource. Help me decide the best time, day, and frequency of meetings going forward.

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Link to Poll: When Do You Want To Meet? (Results collected until Nov 16th)

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