Thursday, December 5, 2013

Something Interesting: Tool box

Tools you can use (even if you already have work)
Job searches (and career management) can get overwhelming. And unfortunately most of the tools to make it easier are designed to take money from you or turn you into a product to sell to someone else.

I’ve been on a mission to identify the useful tools for managing this process. And I’ve discovered some you should (and may already) know about. Over the next month I’ll write some reviews and share how I’m using them (or anticipating using them as the case may be) Feel free to investigate for yourself:

Insightly - A Contact Management System.
Evernote - Note-taking research tool
Google - (Google Calendar, Gmail, Tasks, Drive, Maps, etc.) Integrated resources for doing stuff.
Linkedin - Portal for professionals
Glassdoor - Research on the inside
Starbucks - Really, there’s a tool you need to know about.
(and a few more)

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