Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 6th Meeting

A little background: When OCA started meeting in coffee shops was kinda a “thing.” All the cool unemployed kids were doing it. We elevated those one-on-one meetings to commiserate to a new level when we went from one-on-ones to “hey gang, let’s get together to share tips and give each other some support.” We eventually outgrew those Starbucks gatherings and spent a brief time at the School of Visual Concepts in an unused classroom. And as people found work we downsized to a meeting room at Uptown Espresso. It’s time for us to shift again.

You spoke and I listened.
This Friday December 6th is our first of a three month experiment with an every-other-week schedule. And it’s the first (regular) meeting we’ve done in the evening (6:30-8pm).

People have been telling me that while they have work, they are definitely still under-employed. The task of career development is n ever really done it just shifts to a back burner. The every-other week schedule and evening time will hopefully better allow people to continue to take baby steps towards defining and achieving their career goals. (And of course current job seekers are always going to be welcome.)

The School of Visual Concepts is still supporting us with free parking (when classes aren’t in session) and I’ve shifted our meeting location to the Starbucks in the middle of the South Lake Union Amazon Campus. (Starbucks - 442 Terry Avenue North

This particular Starbucks serves beer and wine and light food in the evening which could come in handy after a week of being underutilized and overworked (regardless of whether you're earning anything). And with all the excellent restaurants in the area people may want to make dinner plans before or after the meeting and avoid all of Friday’s traffic nonsense.

So in simple terms, the meeting schedule through the end of the year:
December 6th - Meeting 6:30 - 8pm (Starbucks - 442 Terry Avenue North)
December 13th - NO meeting
December 20th - Meeting 6:30 - 8pm (Starbucks - 442 Terry Avenue North)
December 27th - NO meeting

December 6th Topic: Now what?
Mostly going to be a “get to know you” for those that haven’t been coming the meetings or never could come to a meeting. Other discussion on what you’re doing now, what you’d prefer to be doing, etc. Don’t feel like you have to come prepared.

PLEASE RSVP: I’d like to know who all is coming so I can grab the right amount of space. (I’ll buy wine or coffee for the first 3 people to RSVP me)

- Duane

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