Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOTES from last week's meeting, NEW NON-PROFIT OPP.

Great meeting last week. Thanks to those who attended for the feedback that was given to Chander. He sent me a note yesterday thanking the group for the opportunity to present his ideas and for the great insight.

As mentioned at the end of the meeting, we've been approached by another non-profit group.
I spoke with Pete Peterson yesterday, a friend of Ed Ferguson's, about an opportunity to help with marketing/web design to support Noteworthy, a non-profit group that works with the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Their mission: "We support quality classical music instruction to enrich children’s lives, fostering a thriving music community in the Issaquah area."

Pete said the need is to help develop a web site that can be used to promote the organization and encourage donations to support a scholarship program. (I read it as 'replace' the Noteworthy site below with a simpler, less 'flashy' site that provides the facts, a downloadable brochure, and donation functionality.)

If anyone is interested in developing their interactive design/programming skills, their web production and acct/project management skills, please let me know - and we can set up a meeting with Pete for more info. (I may have him stop by this Friday to introduce himself.)
Ideally, we'd have at least one Project Manager and one Interactive Developer involved.

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