Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Brave New World

As I have continued to network with friends over the past couple weeks, it's becoming increasingly clear that we aren't just waiting for jobs to open up. Rather, people are creating their own opportunities: pitching business ideas to existing companies, launching their own endeavors, consulting on a contractual basis, and in some cases, working a combination of all three.

In addition, we're also starting to see a dramatic increase in the number of jobs and connections that are being made through freelance sites, such as Elance and Odesk. One glance at these sites, and it's clear that we're also dealing on a global scale - with people offering their services from the Ukraine to India (and at hourly rates much lower that what we're used to seeing.)

All that said, it looks as though the current economy has already shaped how we will do business going forward and how we have to approach the Job Search in a whole new way.

** For anyone who missed Arik's note to the OCA group a few days ago with the Wall Street Journal article about freelancing, here is the link. **

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