Monday, May 4, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #15, May 1st @SVC

WELCOME to two new members:
- Alyson Burns (print production manager)

- Mhairi Voelsgen (account supervisor, marketing manager)

ERIC SMITH, from Aquent, gave a presenation on resume building.
- About Aquent:
* $500 Million global business, based out of Boston
* Organized around 4 categories: Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Traditional Marketing.

- Eric's resume steps:
1) brainstorm
2) organize
3) develop the 'story', and
4) refine - and refine - and refine again ...
* The 'story' is how you walk the reader through your resume, and there is a need to define the balance between information being too broad vs. being too focused.
* Create a contract between you and the reader: share info - to build trust - to get their time.
Information should be easy to follow and digest.
- Eric's recommended resume style:
1) name / contact info
2) skills / tools
4) employment history
5) education
6) case study (p. 2, if warranted)
No real need to provide your objective / summary statement - your objective is to get an interview.
Projects can highlight how you've put your skills/tools to work in situations, can show the clients/companies you've worked for, industries you've worked within, and promote results. They do not need to be chronological, so you can bring any relevant story to the forefront.
- Eric recommends using alternative media to add depth: having a blog or a web site, where you can highlight work and case studies, allows a hiring manager to dive deeper into your qualifications.

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