Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #19, May 29 @SVC

WELCOME to 3 new members (from the previous week):
* Kenny Paddock - creative designer, project manager

* Mark Jovan - news producer
* Greg Caminzind - sustainability and Web 2.0 strategist

Smaller meeting this past week, battling the fantastic weather Seattle has been experiencing over the last month. And folks are busy... interviews, project work, freelancing, etc. - which is great. Nevertheless, we had a good turnout, and great conversation.

* OCA site (see to your right) has been updated with links to all active members' LinkedIn profile pages. If I give you a 'title' you don't agree with, let me know.
* Discussed networking and recent / upcoming socials (AdClub/HL2 industry social, Aquent's networking breakfast, etc.). These are crucial to getting your face in the minds of people who might not be hiring right now, but may be at some point.
* Reviewed OCA logo designs by Lisa Ball and Alyson Burns. Narrowed the candidates down to two, with changes to make. Will determine a winner over the next few days - and may put to a vote. Stay Tuned.
* Discussed volunteer opportunities, and how they can exercise your brain as well as lead to job connections. They are an easy way to keep busy and can also provide a talking point for future interviews.
* Talked business cards. To have or have not. Not always needed (and an added expense in current economic times), but when given a chance to exchange cards with a card-carrying job holder, why not As the old saying goes: Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

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