Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Agenda Item for 4/26/13

Job Search 201

The internal stuff was the focus of last week's discussion: Developing the foundational structure for your career development plan. Who you are and what resources you have to work with. From there one can develop a plan to maximize the usefulness of those resources as well as acquire more or missing resources. I had hoped to have converted that discussion into handouts for this weeks meeting. We'll see what I manage to get done tonight. If i get it done that's what we'll discuss tomorrow. But I'll warn you it's not looking hopeful.


Today's alternate topic: What's my strategy? What am I trying to achieve and what's the best way to achieve it? Arms length or up close? Job boards and online marketing or mining the network and getting known for your expertise and passion. Targeting industry, position, individuals, or problem. Being a thought leader or a implementation expert? Selling your past experience, your present capabilities, or your future potential? Strategy is about making the big choices that so that smaller executional choices are easier to make.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  "What's my strategy?" (For this I DO have a handout.)

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