Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Agenda for 4/19/13

Job Search 201

You know the basics already. You've sorted out your job history and identified some of your best stories. You've identified your core and secondary value propositions. You have a decent resume and linked in profile. You've practiced telling your story at networking events and career mixers. You've identified companies that you like and that hire people that do the things you do. And you've assessed the potential competition and understand how your realistically stand out. But now you're at a loss. How do you put all that together? How do you coordinate that into a overarching strategy that gets you in front of the people that have the power to actually say "I want to hire you"?

Today's topic is about putting together not a generic plan but YOUR plan. Your personal marketing strategy broken down into action items. How will you direct your resources of time, money, skills and relationships to serve your goals?

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  "Marketing Plans for Career Developers"

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