Thursday, April 4, 2013

Agenda Item for 3/5/2013 Meeting

This weeks topic: Communications Management.

We live in a time of unprecedented interpersonal connectivity. And yet so many of us have trouble reaching out to or following up with those we should. Our in boxes are jammed. Our to-do lists are miles long. The urgent gets dealt with while the important doesn't. This is of course partly a matter of priorities and goal setting. Partly a matter of poor time management. And partly a mater of being unclear about our values and purpose. (We'll touch on these but our focus is gonna be on the tools.)

Today the topic is simple: Managing the tools we use to manage the communications we need. Since the number one tool for communication today is email we're going to start there. (We may discuss text, social media, in-person meetings, etc. if we have time.)

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  "Conquering Email and other Personal Communications"

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