Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Notes from 1/22/10 OCA Meeting, Job News

Several topics of discussion at last week's meeting, mostly to do with follow-up from our 1/15 OCA meeting.

After everyone introduced themselves, we discussed the power and importance of the 30-sec elevator pitch. Given the information we've received on how hiring decisions can sometimes be made within the 1st couple minutes (or few seconds) of an interview, your answer to "So, tell me about yourself" can make or break an opportunity. This should be something that you have prepared (and have practiced) to pitch your 'unique selling proposition.' Clear, concise, and relevant. And if you can have one unique and memorable line - your tagline - that someone can take away, even better.

Career coaches - worth the price? From what I've seen, folks who have made the investment to work with a professional have tended to reap the rewards. If you know you have an area you want to work on specifically or just need help getting started, a career coach can provide a wealth of knowledge and advice. Just be aware that a job search can be subjective - so depending on who you work with, you may get differing opinions on some topics. Not a bad thing, especially if you get a 2nd opinion. And from the advice we've received during past OCA guest speaker appearances, we've also seen consistencies with the general approach of Job Search 2.0.

On the right-hand side of this blog are two other blogs from Seattle area career coach's, Matt Youngquist (who visited us 2 weeks ago) and Cris Janzen (who was a guest speaker last summer). Both are very experienced and have helped numerous people with job searches and career transitions. Take a look at their blogs, which will provide a good sense of their style and the passion they have for helping people.
For this Friday's meeting (1/29), Paul Verner has offered to bring in and share some of Matt Youngquist's materials, so people can get a better idea of Matt's services.

Job News!
Maicie Jones just announced that she'll be heading across the country to work for the Advisory Board Company (a healthcare group) in Washington D.C. She'll be a consultant within their syndicated research division.

Karen Nissen has also just landed a job and starts next Monday in medical sales, as an Account Executive with AMR (American Medical Response.)
Both ladies, in their notes to announce the news, said that networking was key in landing the positions.
Congrats, Maicie and Karen!

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