Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notes from 1/08/2010 OCA Meeting, Job News!

Welcome to several new members:
- Karen Nissen, most recently with Comcast Spotlight, where she managed advertising sales for more than 15 years.
- Jackie Peterson, owner of Ad Strategies & Cross Words. 15+ years of marketing and advertising experience.
- Donna Sellers, currently consulting in the Seattle area, was most recently with Microsoft where she managed brand strategy for Windows and and MSN.
- Michele Meston also comes to the group with a myriad of marketing and advertising experience.

At last week's meeting, we talked about a wide variety of topics pertaining to the job hunt.
Most interesting of the subjects was that of perspective employers getting back (or not getting back) to candidates about his or her status in the process. Consensus of the group is to "give the hiring manager / HR the benefit of the doubt" ... we know they're busy, we know they're swamped with filtering resumes, conducting interviews, while also juggling work. But - when it comes down to a decision concerning final candidates, common sense says that we should hear one way or the other.
Ideally, a personal call is made, where a candidate that's being passed on is given a chance to ask for feedback.
In the end, what hiring companies need to keep in mind is that every interaction is a chance to make a positive impression.
In today's world... can a company afford to make a negative one?

It was great to get the thoughts of everyone in the group. It will be interesting to get Matt Youngquist's take on this and other subjects during this week's OCA meeting, 1/15.

Job News!
- Greg Roberts has accepted a 5-month contract job with the Census Bureau as a Media Specialist.
- Christine Goetz is the new Director of Marketing for Destination Development International.

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