Thursday, January 14, 2010

LEMONADE - The Movie. Coming Soon.

Anyone who has been involved with OCA for a while has heard me talk about Erik Proulx and his site: A constant source of information and inspiration, Erik's blog has been a sounding board for the industry's unemployed since November, 2008, when he lost his job as a Sr. Copywriter at Arnold in Boston.

Erik discovered (and promotes) that, "It's not a pink slip. It's a blank page." The chance that we have to pursue a dream, make positive changes in our lives, and the ability to reinvent ourselves can far outweigh the negative of having lost a job.

Along the way, Erik has heard some amazing stories, and in 2009 he wrote and produced a documentary, titled "Lemonade," detailing some of these tales of inspiration. It's been an ongoing process, and Erik has enlisted many talented creatives who have helped make the film a reality.

Having finished it recently, Erik has been 'on tour' sharing the film. And as a special 'thank you' to those who have supported the Lemonade, Erik has posted it online for a special 2-day sneak peek.
To see the trailer, visit:
For info on seeing the full-length version today (Thurs), visit
the PFTA site.

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