Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes from 11/13 OCA Meeting

While Kelly was in Maryland visiting with family and friends and enjoying a little Northeast rain, four of us gathered at SVC this last Friday for the weekly OCA meeting. But being few in number didn't keep the discussion from being lively.

Welcome to one new OCA Member
It was a first visit for Terry Doyle, a writer and ACD from the east coast. Terry's background (if I remember right) is Grey in Atlanta; plus FCB, DraftFCB, and Publicis elsewhere.
It was the second visit for Jim Zimmerman (Business Development and Marketing Management), and the 3rd for Wes Youngquist (AD, CD).

We talked about the "Seattle Premium" – that portion of compensation that seems to come in the form of the opportunity to live here – yes it's real. We talked about contract work as a means of surviving the recession. We talked about start ups, forming your own Co., and venture capital. Most important, we just talked.

Job News!
Kelly reported to me that there's some good news for one of our members:
Vanessa Gallant will be starting at T-Mobile on Nov 30th as a Sr. Communications Manager.

WordPress WorkShop
There's plans for another edition of the very popular WordPress WorkShop. (We're waiting to hear back from
Richard Geasey on dates. Shooting for early next week, if Thanksgiving plans don't interfere too much.)

See everyone next week,

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