Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Notes from 9/11 OCA Meeting

WELCOME to newcomer Maicie Jones. Maicie is a recent MBA graduate from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and has spent most of her career working with non-profits, including a 2-year assignment with the Peace Corps.

JOB NEWS... Geoff Tucker started a new marketing job with LMN Architects this week.

VOLT was our guest speaker at last week's OCA meeting. Erin Lastala and Dan Ratliff provided over an hour and a half of insight into their staffing agency and how they work with Microsoft and other companies in the Seattle area, including Starbucks, REI, The Gates Foundation. Below are highlights from the meeting:

About Volt
- Volt is premier staffing partner with Microsoft (over 20 years of experience), placing both V- and A-dash contracting positions. In some instances, they also help place FTE positions.
- After receiving your resume, Volt recruiters will generally have a phone interview to get more information about you and what you're looking to do.
- Getting timely, relevant feedback from hiring managers has become more difficult due to the recently implemented procurement process.
- When asked what sets them apart from other staffing agencies:
*weekly paychecks *401k plans *holiday/vacation/bonus pay
*ER (employee relationship) reps, who are on site the day you start to make sure you have everything you need for the transition.
*Volt recruiters meet face-to-face with the hiring managers, so they can get a better sense of what's needed to fill a role, team climate, and to help gather inside tips for interviewers.

Interview Tips
- No surprise here, but "Be prepared." Develop a list of Interview FAQ's, write out your answers, and practice.
- One of the biggest pieces off feedback they get from hiring managers is that some candidates don't show enough interest in the job. Their suggestion: "Ask for the job."
- With there being so many qualified candidates to fill one role, Dan and Erin feel that cultural fit and personality are 95% of what hiring managers are looking for.
- Along the same lines, have a prepared "Here's how I'm different" angle that you can work into the conversation.
- When interviewing for a contract job, never say "I just want to get my foot in the door" to a hiring manager. It conveys that you're looking for something else and don't plan to stick around.

The Current Market
- They both see things starting to pick up. Dan, for instance, is getting calls from small to mid-size companies looking for staffing help.

Contact Info
Erin Lastala - Sr Technical Recruiter (Microsoft)
Dan Ratliff - Sr Technical Recruiter (other companies)
21520 30th Drive SE, Suite 100
Bothell, WA 98021
tel - 425.806.1900
fax - 425.806.1920

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