Thursday, July 9, 2009

OCA Stats

Some points of interest about One Connection Away, for those who like stats:
· 23 meetings since forming in January.
· 16 guest speakers, covering everything from SEO/SEM to LinkedIn to Staffing Agencies to Interviewing and resume tips.
· 49 people currently on the OCA active distro list.
· 9 people have landed full-time jobs.
(and that's not counting several people who are currently consulting, temping, or freelancing).
· 39 OCA Blog entries and counting.

We're back on tomorrow, the 10th, at 10:30. (networking, sharing stories, meeting others -- several folks have joined recently.)

Next week (7/17) -- Andy Boyer, from Spring Creek Group, will join us to talk Social Media / Marketing and to give a preview of 2 upcoming SVC workshops.

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