Thursday, July 16, 2009

NOTES from Meeting #24, July 10 @SVC

- Nicole Morry has landed at ad agency, TMP, as a Client Strategist. Congrats, Nicole.

WELCOME to two new members, who joined us last week:
- Vanessa Gallant, most recently the Marketing Manager with Callison (Seattle's largest architecture firm).
- Daniel Holland, most recently a Brand Planner at Publicis - and recent Silver Lion winner for his work on the Washington's Lottery work, "Birds." If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.

GREAT DISCUSSION on a variety of topics, including:
- How to stay 'top of mind' when working with recruiters and hiring managers, and waiting out the interview process. Is it better to be 1st in the door, last in? How to remind them how great you are.
- One thing that came up is using LinkedIn to connect with hiring managers that hired "another candidate." If there was a rapport, but just not the right fit, they could be an excellent source for other openings in the market. All of us agreed, though, that it's better to LinkIn after the process. Otherwise, it's awkward.
- We talked about cover letters, too. The consensus is that you should include, if you can - but don't spend a ton of time customizing and making perfect. Not having one could single you out, but with 100's of applications, they're not being read as much as you'd like to think.
- Discussed areas that seem to be continually hiring, one of which is Healthcare. Seattle is a hotbed for health and research companies. They tend not to be on some of the sites that are popular now, but rather with 'older' methods of looking for recruits: online newspapers, etc.


  1. For those interested in tracking developments in the wireless industry, here are a couple of e-newsletters sent daily during the week.

    These are the web versions. You can visit the sites to sign up for the e-newsletter version.

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  3. I thought this designer did a nice job with their online portfolio. A great way to showcase your work with a email link.

  4. thanks, Ed. Another good example that I meant to mention this morning is Geoff Tucker's online portfolio. (he'd seen someone elses and modeled it after that). It's a great way to show the brands and the work -- and go way beyond the b/w resume.