Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Notes from 2/26/2010 OCA Meeting, Job News

Welcome two new OCA members:
- John Dunn, who was most recently at James Farrell & Co., is an experienced logistics, procurement, and supply chain professional with extensive international experience.
- Avi Katzman, copywriter and content manager, was most recently in a marketing position at the law offices of Garvey Schubert Barer. Avi also has experience with media and event production.

Notes from last week:
During our last meeting of February, we took time out to review resumes. Several people braved the criticism and subjected their hard work to feedback - all of which was constructive.

If there was one consistency, it was that there was no consistency between formats and layouts. Everyone had a different style and approach, depending on what they felt worked well for them.

However, there was a general consensus about several items:
- No need for an objective statement. The objective of the resume is to get an interview for the job for which you're applying.
- A summary statement, on the other hand, can quickly convey your experience, skill set, and the value you can add to the hiring company.
- A list of qualifications / accomplishments toward the top provides a quick checklist for a hiring manager or HR rep to make sure you meet their requirements. This can also be modified to better match the job at hand.

Regardless of format or the font you use, get multiple people to look over your resume. Get feedback (don't worry, the feedback you get will also be varied), find mistakes or inconsistencies, and never be satisfied.

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Job News!
- Chris Lowe is on day 3 as a Recruiter, Enterprise Staffing at Starbucks Coffee Company. Congrats on the new job!

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