Friday, February 14, 2014

UPDATE One Connection Away (Feb 14th 2014)

So much going on. OCA has been on hiatus since the end of December. And you might be wondering why.

Around the middle of December I came to the conclusion that I needed to shift my schedule toward actually looking for income producing work. Long-story-short, I applied the exercises I've been teaching others over the last couple years and went and got me a job. (Separate announcement)

OCA in transition.

We're at a crossroads. Many of you are working but remain underemployed. You tell me that to move forward you still need to develop your experience and skill profiles. That you need practice creating and telling the story of who you are and what you're becoming. And that personal and professional development is easier with a supportive network around you to be accountable toward.

You also tell me that weekday meetings don't fit your schedule and you're not able to get together much more often than once or twice a month. I understand.

One of my lessons learned from my last couple years of facilitating OCA meetings, developing career management and job search exercises, discussion topics, producing a weekly newsletter, and semi-regular blog postings is that one person can't do all this and effectively look for work at the same time.

A call for volunteers to help bring OCA back in a new form.

Want to grow your skills or tell the story of how you're keeping them fresh and helping people at the same time?

Meeting Organization: Organize and facilitate meetings, Research and create exercises, Coaching your fellow group members, Updating the event calendar, etc.

Content Creation & Promotion: Finding and sharing useful articles, Writing blog posts, Creating email newsletters, Creating social media content, Running surveys and studying analysitical data, etc.

Helping people in transition is very important to me but I can't do it alone. Help me out.

Shoot me an email -

Duane (The email address is up in the right hand corner of the blog)

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