Thursday, June 6, 2013

Agenda Item: for 6/7/2013

It's About Time: Life comes first

Here's the update promised for our experiment in intentional living. Now with goal prioritizing! (If you were at last week's meeting I emailed this to you already.)

The Now Habit (amazon link) turned out to be a fantastic book and as a result the "week of Intention" exercise got better. Those of you reading along understood the shift, those of you that didn't probably don't. So here's another way to think about the idea: Pickle Jar Theory of Time Management (Brief blog post)

The rewritten "Week of Intention" exercise will be available at the meeting.

This week's continuing topic: Revising our week of intention schedules. Getting real about how we spend our time. New handouts, "hands-on" scheduling help, and support for our efforts to better manage our time.

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