Thursday, May 9, 2013

Agenda Item for 5/10/2013

Job Search 202: Getting It Done

I got back from Chicago on Monday and have been scrambling to get back into a rhythm of productivity. I'd love to tell you I'd finished developing all the exercises that follow on the model for career development I outlined two weeks ago but I can't. I'd love to tell you I'd finished the working draft of the marketable skills exercise that I began 5 months ago but I can't. I'd love to tell you I'd finished writing my working biography or any number of case studies I've outlined but that languish in my writing project folder but I can't. (It's not that I haven't gotten anything done It's that bragging about those things doesn't help me get other stuff done so I'll skip telling you about them.)

Sooooo… That inspires today's topic:

This week's topic: Getting it done. What have you been working on? How are you blocked? How can we help you get past your block? Resources, connections, advice, planning help, insightful questions, a kick in the butt, a pat on the back. Let us know what you need to keep you moving forward.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  "Getting it done"

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