Friday, November 11, 2011

Lemonade: Detroit

Below is a link to a short film (17 min) you might find very interesting.

It was put together and directed by
Erik Proulx, a one-time advertising copywriter from Boston who lost his job about the same time I did back in 2008. He started a blog, to share his thoughts and experiences about unemployment, and ended up directing a short movie called Lemonade. The movie was about other folks in the industry who were suddenly unemployed and used the opportunity to start something new.

The movie was very inspiring to many, and he has since put together this short film about Detroit, called... Lemonade: Detroit. About how the city is almost in the same boat. And how many people there are not standing by, watching the city waste away with the downturn in the auto industry, but rather are looking at it as a starting point to turn the city around.

oh, and Erik... he's now directing TV spots, instead of writing them. :)

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