Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 21, 2011

This Friday's OCA meeting.
Kathy Clayton will be on hand to present, "Surviving the malaise of unemployment." Regardless of how long you've been looking for work, a job search can run the gamut from relaxing and rejuvenating to frustrating and downright maddening. One thing that is fairly constant, however, is how unsettling it all can be.

Join us this Friday, 10:30, at the SVC and hear from Kathy - corporate, team and personal coach. - "Enhancing effectiveness in business and life through awareness, conscious thinking and intentional action for lasting, reproducible results"

Also... Mei Lu, from Jobfully, will also be at our meeting later in the morning, to answer any questions people may have about her 3-month complimentary offer. (see below)

Marci Zervizi just landed a contract job with AT&T, where she'll be doing marketing planning for them. And in the spirit of OCA, she got the position through a connection's referral.
Congrats, Marci!!

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