Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday's topic: Career Obstacles

This Friday, 8/13, at 10:30, OCA will welcome Rita Ashley, Career Coach.

Our topic of discussion: Career obstacles - the over qualified label, scaling the ageism issue and improved interview skills will be covered. We will discuss social networking for job search and answer your most troubling questions. "Examples, not theory."

Formerly a Silicon Valley executive and then a Seattle high tech recruiter, Rita now coaches clients towards career planning and "an expeditious and efficient job search."

Ms. Ashley refined her coaching skills based on her experience working directly with investors, hiring authorities and those who refer candidates to them. Her advice is field tested over 10 years and in the toughest of job markets. In the last three years, 98% of her clients received the promotions they were after or landed the jobs they wanted within six months. She's taught executives how to hire, read a resume and vet candidates. Ms. Ashley has been a board member to start up companies and was an active Executive Board Member of the MITEF for nine years. Her education includes degrees and/or certificates in Technology, Counseling, Psychology and Education.

Her book, “Job Search Debugged,” includes advice from hiring authorities, examples, scripts and step by step guidelines to avoid the rocks and refine your search. Her other book, “Networking Debugged,” guides job seekers towards simplified networking that gets candidates to hiring authorities before the competition.
PDFs are downloadable from her website.

Website: Jobsearch4execs
Twitter: Jobsearch4execs

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