Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not having a job may disqualify you..

I don't like presenting a downer, but such is life.

Interesting bit floating around the net. There are some companies that are up-front about a concept that many suspect is out there – just no one would ever admit to. What interests me is the number of companies that have this requirement but don't advertise it.

"The unemployed will not be considered"

Do you think this is real?

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  1. Unfortunately, this topic is starting to be talked about quite a bit. While I'd like to think it's unthinkable, the fact that it's bubbled up to the surface probably means that it's true. (Similar analogy: when I see an 'unbelieveable' rumor posted on the cover of a tabloid magazine at the grocery check out line, I laugh it off. But if I see it on 4 out of 5 covers, chances are...)
    Someone on our panel from the other night (I won't say whom) mentioned that their boss asked that only employed candidates be considered for a recent opening. And the following article was just posted last week on Yahoo Finance/CNN
    Neither case are a good indication that the 'rumor' is false. All this points to the old adage that "it's easier to find a job when you have one."