Guest Speakers

Since forming in 2009, One Connection Away has hosted numerous Guest Speakers, covering a wide array of pertinent marketing, advertising and job search topics.

Upcoming speakers and topics:

8/20/11 - Jason Flores, Director of Marketing - Prolango Consulting

Previous speakers and topics:

8/20/10 - Mary Blalock, Talent Manager - FILTER Talent
8/27/10 - Kat Drum, Global Employment Brand Mgr for Starbucks (on-site meeting at Starbucks)
TBD - Recruiting Roundtable with Microsoft
8/13/10 - Rita Ashley, Career Coach - "job search obstacles"
8/06/10 - Scott Battishill, Principal/Founder of Curator PR
7/30/10 - Jessie Lernmark, Director, Strategy of MODO Group
6/16/10 - OCA: The Reunion Show, a networking event / Q&A session with OCA alumni
6/11/10 - Networking Strategies, with Sandy Jones-Kaminski, author and owner of
5/21/10 - Job Search tips and advice, with Dan Ratliff, recruiter at Allyis (formerly with Volt)
5/14/10 - Recruiting agency intro, with Terah Brossart from The Creative Group
4/23/10 - Job Search Strategies, with Bill Munroe, veteran high-tech marketing strategist
4/02/10 - Recruiting agency intro, with Kirsten Thompson and Sara Westerlund from Creative Circle
3/26/10 - Creating a start-up ad agency, with Kristina Muller-Eberhard and Thomas Lamprecht, founders of Plume21
3/19/10 - Recruiting agency intro, with Kelsey Foster and Gretchen Stanford from Aquent
3/12/10 - Career Search Optimization, with Paul Anderson, president of ProLango
3/05/10 - Advertising in today's economy, with Rick Peterson, president of Hydrogen
2/26/10 - Resume review session (internal)
1/15/10 - Career planning, with Matt Youngquist, president of Career Horizons
12/18/09 - Going Digital, with John Gaines, creative director at Microsoft
12/09/09 - WordPress WorkShop (Round 2), with Rich Geasey
10/28/09 - WordPress WorkShop, with Rich Geasey, author of "Get Found Now"
10/09/09 - Career planning, with Lisa Quast, author and founder/president of Career Woman, Inc.
9/18/09 - User generated advertising, with Kirk Mastin and Arik Abel from Zooppa
9/11/09 - Recruiting agency intro, with Erin Lastalla and Dan Ratliff from Volt
8/28/09 - Recruiting agency intro, with Marc Tolan of Kelly Resources
7/24/09 - Social Media and Marketing, with Andy Boyer, principal at Spring Creek Group
5/22/09 - Mobile Social Commerce, with Chander Chawla
5/15/09 - Resume building and Interviewing tips, with Cris Janzen, career coach and owner of Janzen & Associates
5/01/09 - Resume building and agency intro, with Eric Smith from Aquent
4/24/09 - Recruiting agency intro, with Maria Scheleen and Terah Brossart from The Creative Group
4/17/09 - Rebranding your resume and agency intro, with David Miller from 24 Seven
4/10/09 - Recruiting agency intro, with Amanda Burlson and Bobby Morgan of Filter Talent
3/26/09 - Utilizing LinkedIn, with John Turnberg, freelance recruiter
3/20/09 - Recruiting agency intro, with Kirsten Thompson and Sara Westerlund from Creative Circle
3/13/09 - SEO/SEM, with Ariella Robison, Varolii's web marketing manager
3/06/09 - Directors roundtable, with local directors Matt Billings, Chris Bell, and Fred Northup
2/27/09 - ROI in the interactive industry, with Lance Leasure (then managing director of Catalysis)